YAA!: Yakult X Misaki Kawai

Brand Identity, Print, Editorial, Exhibition, Spatial

Yakult is a Japanese probiotic drink company that creates products revolving around preventive medicine and the benefits of probiotics. They belive that a healthy intestinal tract leads to a longer life.
Misaki Kawai is a Japanese artist based in New York City. She embraces the “amateaur aesthetic” in her work and aims to use art to show basic expression. Kawai enjoys using low-tech, “crafty” materials in her work.

YAA! is a brand collaboration between Yakult and Misaki Kawai.
It aims to spread Yakult’s message of “Everybody. Every day.” through a traveling exhibition.
The exhibition takes on the task of delivering Yakult’s message in a similar fashion to how “Yakult Ladies” deliver Yakult’s products to local neighborhoods.

By visiting local communities, this will foster a deeper connection to consumers, allowing Yakult to remain as a beverage staple in our daily lives.

The exhibit takes on the form of two shipping containers. The first container is where visitors get their own bottle of Yakult to drink.

Bottles of Yakult will be displayed in a similar fashion as an ice cream shop.

The second container is where visitors can use their empty bottle of Yakult to do arts and crafts activities. Yakult has this culture of environmental friendliness where consumers would reuse the empty bottles and transform them through arts and crafts, ultimately giving a new usage to them.

I participated in this myself and used the bottles, which I gave a new life to, in my posters.
Exhibition posters were created with analog techniques, such as collage and layering in mind. It combines visual elements of stickers and cut construction paper, which are often associated with school projects.

This materiality can be connected with feelings of nostalgia, which is an emotion that will help Yakult develop a stronger connection to consumers.

A desk calendar reminds people to drink Yakult everyday and keep track of their consumption.

An exhibit book was made to present Yakult’s message and communicate the goal of the exhibition.

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