(2015) One of the first things that I created after learning how to use Photoshop was a phone wallpaper for my friends.
From scribbling on the living room walls to using my dad’s mahjong set to build homes for my very real fairy friends, I’ve always had an active imagination. I would pretend that I was an ice-skating mermaid (even though mermaids don’t have legs) and go on adventures in the garage to defeat Ursula. I always admired how as children, we were unafraid to explore possibilities and had an undying curiosity that constantly drove us to know more. However, as we grow up, this sense of wonder and excitement often gets lost.

Today, I have that same sense of wonder and excitement when I approach my work. My imagination is still as active as it was when I was a child. The only difference is that I am able to bring it to life. Through design, I get to push the boundaries of my curiosity, and even though it might seem impossible at first, it never hurts to wonder, “What if?” I want to bring people new moments of discovery, no matter how small, to ignite their imagination.

Hi, I’m Ying, a multimedia graphic designer looking forward to what I can offer the world. Let’s have fun creating together!
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