Brand Identity, Print, Installation, Spatial

CatCon is the convention with cattitude. It is the biggest cat-centric, pop culture event dedicated to all things feline. Their goal is to engage, educate, and inform attendees about cats in an entertaining way.
They also run a cat adoption site at the convention and partner with charities every year to help cats find their forever homes.

A custom typeface was created for CatCon. The forms were inspired by cat noses and designed to resemble cat towers. Therefore, the typeface can also act as a structure for cats to play with.

Cats are interacting with the typeface structures and patterns inspired by cat fur were developed as well.

Instead of a play structure for cats, the typeface is reimagined as a play structure for humans to enjoy.

This interactive space will be displayed at the convention.

Cat related puns are showcased all over the floor.

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