The Shifting Sun

Editorial, Print, Exhibition, Spatial

The Shifting Sun is an art exhibition and catalog that features artists from the contrasting art styles that developed as a response to Japan's changing society during the Meiji Period.

With Japan opening up its borders, the country became influenced by western cultures, carrying over into their art through yoga paintings. At the same time, there were many who were wary of western influence and called for the return of the traditional Japanese art style, nihonga. 

The book merges these two styles through the usage of a vertically dominant book dimension, referencing to the long scroll paintings of nihonga art, and an accordion fold for the artist section, referencing to the more western-influenced yōga paintings.

The exhibition references traditional Japanese elements and presents them in a modern way to tell the story of the conflicting views on art during that time.

The fan installations tell visitors background information of the time period and of the individual artists. This will provide them with the proper historical context for their art viewing experience.

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